The Millionaire Blogging System #13


Topic today will be “Truckers”
Another Occupation that I have experienced.
My Dad was a Trucker for Red Ball Trucks
back in the 40’s and 50’s after the war.
Truckers are another group who can Benefit
HUGELY from having a Blog
My Video will touch on some exciting Opportunities for Truckers.

**  Any references to Cash Back Program, Blogging Platforms, Costa Rica, etc. in the Video may be out of date or no longer available. 

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Disclaimer …. Any references to potential Money or other material rewards are strictly given as what could be possible but is not guaranteed under any circumstances. I have no way of knowing what your capabilities are, what your commitment will be, what skills you have and whether you have any intention of using the training provided that has earned Millions for other people.

Beliefs will Hold You back from Exploring the Truth

Most People live their Lives on Beliefs
Others Live their Lives on Ideas
Beliefs are different from Knowing
A belief is something that either You or someone else has hypnotized you into accepting.
Beliefs such as Religion, College Education, stories on News Media.

If you ever touched Water .. You know it to be wet.
If you have ever touched fire … You know it to be Hot
If You have ever touched Ice .. You know it to be Cold.

If You have been Poor and living from paycheck to paycheck
You know what it is to be Poor and your belief is based on your own experiences.
But being Poor is ONLY KNOWING that doing what Your are currently doing will keep you Poor.

Poor is a Disease … People spread it like the Flu.
Poor People tend to associate with other Poor People.
The only thing You can learn from Poor People is How to remain Poor.
Turn Off the TV
Stop watching and reading the News
Pick up a book or a Business Magazine
and read what Successful People are doing.
And Stop watching National Football and instead go support Your local High School or College Team.
Why support High TV Cable fees and Products that are EARNING $BILLIONS from you and others who pay for Cable TV and buy the products.
Imagine what would happen if everyone filled the bleachers at a Local High School Football, Basketball, Volleyball, or other game?
Imagine the Local Camaraderie if local Businesses had Local Team Banners up and sold Local High School Team Merchandise.

Support Your Local Businesses and Community and Keep the Money in your Community instead of sending it off to others who do not spend money in Your Community.

Stop Worrying about issues in other Communities, States, Countries until You have your Community Prosperous and Strong.

And if You have a College Degree on Your wall …
Tear it down unless you are a Doctor or Health Professional.

Take care of Your own back Yard
Before You Spend Time discussing other people’s back yards.
All the rioting and protests and killings are are based on uneducated and misled people.

Poor People are Poor because they are kept in the dark about how to be prosperous.

Statements like ..
Money can’t buy happiness
Money is evil
Rich people are mean
I don’t care about money

are all signs that you have been hypnotized into believing what is NOT TRUE.

Wake Up
Live life Differently

Live Your LIfe
and NOT someone else’s Life