New Years Eve Hangout Mastermind

New Years Eve Google Hangout
To Fight the Forces of Evil
and make 2014 the Most Prosperous Year of Our Lives

This is Especially for those of You who are already in business for yourselves. Whether it be Musician, Artist, Retail, Model, Author, Photographer, or any other business.
And for those of You who want to have a business of your own so you can break away from the chains of a time card job.
Turn Your Hobby or Passion into a Profitable Career.

All You ever knew about Marketing has changed.
And if You use Facebook or any other Social Media,
You must be kept up to date on the constant changes.

2013 was a Very Good Year for Me.
I quietly progressed in securing my Future.
Even though I am partially disabled, unable to walk or sit for long periods, I was still able to have Giant Changes in My Life.
I lost a close friend of mine in Sept that disrupted my plans for the last few months.
And it brought to my attention that we don’t know when we will die. And if You have dreams, you should wake up and make them Realities.
So … Before I move to the Beaches of Costa Rica, I will Share what I have done in hopes that it will Help You Achieve Your Goals In Life.

This is not for Everyone … Because Most of You are living a Lie of the American Dream believing that a time card job will give you what you want. And some of You expect that the Government will steal from those who work hard and give it to you. And others just won’t give a damn.
Only a Few will Join Our Team to Learn what they can do to Achieve Everything they want and Need.

I’m excited about 2014 !
Everyone was excited on Christmas Eve and couldn’t sleep waiting for Christmas Day.
I am so excited about 2014 that I can hardly sleep.
On Dec 31st , New Years Eve, I will be conducting a 4 hour Google Hangout that will focus on developing Skills to Change Everything in my Life.
I will be sharing this with anyone who wants to join us by simply watching on Google or Youtube. And it will be Interactive where you can ask questions.
The Hangout will start at approx 8:30pm and finish at 12:30am.
I’m hoping to have a few guest speakers join us through out the evening.
So … if you want better Health, Fitness and More Money …
Bring in the New Year with Us.
4 Hours of Sober Preparation for the New Year.
This will be Your Battle Plan !
This will be Your Map to Your Goals !

Join Our Team
And Join Our New Facebook Page
Dedicated to Only Good News
Inspirational News and Information
Designed to reprogram Your Mind with Positive thoughts.

Learn to Cast Out All the Ideas and Beliefs You ever had about achieving Your Goals.
And I say Goals … NOT Dreams !
It’s Time to STOP Dreaming
And to START Achieving !

Our New Page and Website will go Live on Jan 1st. 2014

ONLY ONE RULE to Join Our Team

If You are still reading …
We will have Weekly Hangouts
Daily Blogs
Monthly Awards
Take Action Awards
Education for Health, Fitness and Wealth

In Fact … I am prepared to Award Several Prizes on our Hangout on New Years Eve.

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2014 …. It’s Coming !


What Does 2014 mean for You ?

Saying Goodbye to a Disappointing 2013?

Saying Hello to a New Year to Start Over?

Or just glad you Survived another year?

Think Back … to New Years Eve 2012.
The Plans You made and the Dreams and Goals
Did they become Reality?
Are You Now Better than You were on Dec 31st 2012?

If not … Do You Know Why?

I have the Answer … And it wasn’t All Your Fault.
There were Outside Forces that Kept You from Moving Forward.
You just did not see them.

And they were All Around You.
They molded You into what You are today.

We Call these the Forces of Evil

Before I list what the Forces of Evil are
Let me First say that I am NOT telling You to
Remove the Forces of Evil from Your Life.
I am making You Aware of what they are.
And I will teach You how to Defend Yourself from them. Viking_Lagertha_2_250x250
I will give You the Magic Defender Shield.
The Forces of Evil will constantly try to STOP You
From achieving Your Goals and Dreams.
I will Give You the Tools to Defend Yourself
and be able to Move Forward through these Forces.
The Forces of Evil will NO Longer be able to
Penetrate Your Mind and Prevent You from Moving Forward !

In No Particular Order
The Forces of Evil are ..
Society, Education, Religion, Government, Media, Family and Friends.

Each one of these Forces have Created what You are Today.
They set Rules for You to Live by.
Rules that are made to Benefit them … NOT YOU

Bottom Line … Are You Living Someone Else’s LifeOr Are You Living Your Life?

As I said earlier .. I am not asking You to Remove these Forces
You Need All these in Your Life.
But You DO NOT have to Subscribe to ALL their Beliefs !


I will talk More About the Forces of Evil later.
For Now, I want to talk about How We Defend ourselves.
These Forces Create Beliefs in You Mind of What is True
and what is Possible. They Limit You from Pursuing what
You Believe is Possible.
They Create Doubt and Fears and Yes … even Guilt.
You Brain goes into Protection Mode
every time You want to Try something Different and New.
If Your Brain is programmed to think one way,
It treats anything New as a Possible Threat.
The Solution is to Expose Your Brain
to New Information so that it feels Safe.

And That Is What We Will Do.
Everyday , We Will Flood Your Brain with New Ideas
and Success Stories so it will Feel Safe with similar Ideas.
This is Called Personal Development.
We do this by Reading (my Blog, Books, Magazines, etc),
Listening (Audios, Videos, Seminars),
and Networking with other People Who Want To Be Successful,
and with other successful People to Model Yourself after.

Then there is Taking Action
Learning does Nothing unless You Take Action.
And this means Daily Action.
Every Journey Starts With One Step.
Share Your ideas with others so that You can
Find those that will Support You and Appreciate You.
One way to do this is with a Blog.
Join Our Team and Learn to Blog from those that are Successful.